Zeppoli’s Wine Shop


A special feature of Zeppoli’s is our wine shop. We love good wine with good food and we want you to enjoy it too! That’s why we have parted with tradition and priced our wine at the retail level. They can be purchased for retail consumption or to drink in the restaurant for a $2.00 corking fee.

We have wines from all over the world, Our Italian collection includes 12-15 Chiantis, numerous Pinot Grigios, Barolos, Brunellos, Barbarescos, Super Tuscans, Primitivo, Barbera, Dolcetto, AmZeppoli's Italian Restaurant & Wine Shop - Blacksburg, Virginiaarone, Valpolicellla, Aglianico etc. We also have an extensive French and California collection, along with wines from Spain, Germany, Austria, South Africa, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Greece, Oregon, Washington and of course Virginia. There are generally between 500-600 different labels to choose from, with prices ranging from $6.00 – $100.00+

Every other Wednesday Zeppoli’s holds its very popular Wine Tastings, where guests can sample between 10-12 wines with heavy hors d’oeuvres for $18.00. Reservations are required for the wine tastings. Please follow us on facebook or Instagram  for dates and call us at 540-953-2000 for details and reservations.


Below is a small sampling of Wines we offer:

Sample Dining Room Wine Suggestions (Updated 12/2016)